Chamber approves conclusions of Kazakhgate Commission

Chamber approves conclusions of Kazakhgate Commission

The Belgian Chamber on Thursday approved, in a plenary session, the conclusions of the Kazakhgate parliamentary commission of inquiry which denounced French intervention in legal proceedings in Belgium against businessman Patokh Chodiev, a close associate of the Kazakh government. The Commission also looked at the role played in this matter by the former speaker of the Senate, Armand De Decker, who, it found, had violated deontological ethics and given in to conflicts of interest.

The plenary rejected motions submitted by opposition parties, which felt that the result of the investigation did not match the gravity of the facts.

The commission also looked at the circumstances surrounding the 2011 vote on the extended penal transaction bill and its application by the judiciary to Chodiev and two of his accolytes. Chodiev’s defence lawyers will react on Friday to the press.

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