Driver admits speeding, but not at 914 km/h

Driver admits speeding, but not at 914 km/h

A man who already admitted speeding and paid a fine has been summonsed to court to answer the charge that he was driving at 914 km/h. “I was driving too fast,” admitted the man to La Meuse newspaper. He was flashed in the neighbourhood of Auderghem in Brussels, and paid a fine relating to speeding at 85 km/h in a 70 km/h zone.

However the charge he now faces alleges he was travelling at the speed of over 900 km/h – faster than a Formula One race car or a passenger aircraft.

“This is unacceptable,” he told the newspaper. “In a country where the administrtion is so expensive, it’s too bad nobody was able to prevent this mistake . I have filed a complaint with the order of bailiffs, because somebody has not done his job properly.”

The current world record for a production car was set in 2017 with a Swedish-built Koenigsegg Agera RS, which reached a top speed of 447 km/h, or half of what Luc allegedly achieved in Auderghem.

A spokesperson for the federal police acknowledged a mistake had been made, referring it to “a typo”, but Luc will have to appear in court all the same. “I will be demanding damages,” he told the paper. “This joke has now cost me €1,500 in lawyers’ costs, time off work and the rest.”

Alan Hope

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