Malika El Aroud has requested political asylum in Belgium

Malika El Aroud has requested political asylum in Belgium

Malika El Aroud is trying to avoid deportation by requesting political asylum in Belgium, La Libre Belgique reported on Saturday. She lost her Belgian citizenship last year and is currently in a detention centre awaiting deportation to Morocco. 

Malika El Aroud is known as the “jihad black widow”. She was the wife of one of Commander Massoud’s assassins in Afghanistan. After serving an eight-year sentence, she was stripped of her Belgian nationality on the 30th of November 2017 for “severely failing in her duties as a Belgian citizen”. 

Because she now only had Moroccan nationality, Malika El Aroud risks being deported to Morocco. 

She was arrested at her home on the 11th of October 2018 and it was decided she should be deported. She was taken to a detention centre in Bruges. 

To try and avoid deportation, she has submitted an emergency procedure request to the CCE (Foreigner’s Litigation Council). She claims she risks torture or inhumane and degrading treatment if she is sent to Morocco. She is also requesting asylum for the same reasons. 

The CCE rejected the emergency procedure this week. It said it couldn’t look into the request properly while the asylum was still pending. 

The CCE can now look into the asylum request as the emergency procedure has been refused, which was always likely. She remains in custody in Bruges in the meantime.

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