The Missing persons department wants to exhume 135 bodies to identify them

Investigators at the Missing persons department want to exhume 135 bodies to try and identify them. They are the remains of unidentified men and women who were buried in the 1970s, the Het Nieuwsblad reported on Saturday. 

Investigators were recently able to identify the body of Corine van der Valk, the heiress who disappeared in 2001. Her family owns hotels and restaurants in the Netherlands. 

Through DNA analysis, investigators discovered that an unidentified body buried in Bois-de-Villers, a village close to Namur, was Miss van der Valk. 

Investigators have had access to a DNA database for missing people since July. The Flemish newspaper says these people’s families have a right to know what really happened, even though it has been a long time. 

Most of the 135 bodies that will be exhumed are male. Unidentified bodies are always buried in the commune they were found in.

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