Albert II and Delphine Boël summoned to hospital, King won’t go

Albert II and Delphine Boël summoned to hospital, King won’t go

King Albert II and Delphine Boël were summoned to go to the hospital next week for a DNA test which they must undergo following Brussels Court of Appeal’s decision, Het Nieuwsblad revealed Thursday. According to Le Soir, the former sovereign refuses to go. On 5 November, the Brussels Court of Appeal ruled that Jacques Boël was not the biological father of Delphine Boël, while Delphine Boël maintains that Albert II is her father; the Court, therefore, ordered the King to submit to a DNA test.

 According to Het Nieuwsblad, a summons was sent to Delphine Boël, to her mother, Sybille de Selys Longchamps, and to Albert II to appear next week at the Erasmus Hospital. The first two have responded positively.

As for Le Soir, it asserts that King Albert II will not show up at the hospital. He has until February to challenge the Court’s decision and to lodge an appeal.

According to a source close to Delphine Boël, quoted by Het Nieuwsblad, "Delphine expects Albert to lodge an appeal. She is under the impression that the King is trying to prolong the case - to put it bluntly – until he dies."

The Flemish daily adds that the former sovereign has another option: to simply ignore the summons, and not submit to the DNA testing. The Court could then interpret this as an implicit admission of guilt. 

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