Police crackdown results in over 900 infractions

Police crackdown results in over 900 infractions

Checks by the integrated police, FIPA, on public transport vehicles on Wednesday from 02.00 p.m. to 08.00 p.m.in the Brussels-Capital region resulted in just over 900 infractions, the Federal Police announced on Thursday. Of the 11,914 commuters who were checked, 887 did not have valid tickets for the STIB, the capital’s public transport system. Some 4,547 travellers were checked on 34 national railway trains and only 16 had no valid tickets for the SNCB.

Meanwhile, an employee of the railway security company, Securail, was beaten up. An official report surrounding that incident has been drawn up.

In total, 49 vehicles and 486 persons were checked by police officers, who wrote out 48 citations for drugs, illegal firearms and illegal residence in the country.

The checks were carried out along the Nord-Midi road between the Care du Nord and the Gare du Midi, and at 24 stations on the subway, tram and bus network, including Botanique, Stéphanie, Simonis, Bruxelles-Midi, Montgomery, Pétillon, Yser and Bourse.

The FIPA drive was aimed at further reducing crime on public transport in Brussels and strengthening the sense of safety in public transport. Particular attention was paid to trafficking in narcotics, hard drugs, and weapons and document fraud.

This action, coordinated by the Brussels Federal Police Coordination and Support Division, was conducted by the Brussels-Capital Region’s six police zones, the federal railway police and the security police of the three public transport utilities, SNCB, STIB and TEC. Additionally, 48 future inspectors from the Brussels Police School took part.

Regarding illegal immigration, the immigration office contributed specialists on the topic.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor, for its part, provided an additional magistrate and supported the police action on the ground.

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