Brussels French-speaking Parliament raises budget due to inflation

Brussels French-speaking Parliament raises budget due to inflation
Barbara Trachte in the French-speaking Brussels Parliament. Credit: Belga.

The French-speaking Parliament of Brussels has voted to adjust its Commission's 2022 budget due to the record-high levels of inflation.

The Commission (COCOF) is in charge of a series of matters linked to the daily life of the capital's one million French-speaking inhabitants. This includes vocational training, aid to people with disabilities, social cohesion, sports, culture, etc. Its powers are voted by the Brussels' French-speaking Parliament.

This latest adjustment was initially proposed to take the salary indexation caused by the recent inflation into account, Minister-President of the COCOF Barbara Trachte told Belga News Agency. According to the Planning Bureau, this should amount to 7.8% in 2022. There will be another, more political, adjusment at the end of the year.

The threshold index, which sees social benefits and public sector wages raised when reached, was exceeded in February and in April. With those in the public sector increasing by 2% in May 2022. Trachte added that she anticipated them to once again increase in June, November and December 2022.

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These increases are particularly felt by the COCOF, as they decree the granting of subsidies and provide the associative sector with their operating costs, essentially salaries. Therefore, this budgetary adjustment should in principle make it possible for associations to carry out their essential missions.

In terms of expenditure, the COCOF has decided to anticipate two additional indexations with a €13,000,000 decretal amount as well as an additional €400,000.

These amounts will be compensated by an increase in allocations (both by the Federal Government and the Francophone Community) and a €4,791,000 grant by the Brussels-Capital Region to the COCOF, all of which are meant to help combat inflation.

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