Some 20,000 pigeons missing after international competition in France

Some 20,000 pigeons missing after international competition in France
Zac Ong via Unsplash

Some 20,000 pigeons are missing after being released for an international competition in the French city of Narbonne.

“The pigeons should never have been released,” commented the Belgian Pigeon Association, which discussed the issue at an emergency session on Monday. The stormy weather conditions prevented many pigeons from finding their way home, it explained.

“It is a catastrophe,” said association member Jef Cuypers, who pointed a finger at the organisation of the competition. “The fault lies with Indépendante de Liège, the organiser of the flight,” he said.

“We still do not understand why they released the pigeons. This catastrophe will have consequences,” Cuypers added. “Next year the organisation will probably no longer have any flights to organise.”

A total of 26,000 pigeons took part in the competition, and about 11,000 of them were Belgian. The Belgian Pigeon Association examined ways in which things could be handled differently in future, at its Monday meeting.

“We want to use webcams and contact points so that we can connect with experienced enthusiasts in each province who can give us information about the weather,” Cuypers said. “And we also want to work with a weather forecaster.”

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