Ukraine conflict could last for years, UK Foreign Secretary says

Ukraine conflict could last for years, UK Foreign Secretary says
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The war in Ukraine could last “a number of years” and it could lead to Vladimir Putin’s downfall, the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Lizz Truss said.

Speaking on Sunday in an interview with Sky News, Truss noted that the war was likely to be long and bloody. “I fear this will be a long haul,” she noted. “The UK absolutely stands by Ukraine through this very long and difficult conflict. This could be a number of years.”

“We are seeing strong and brave Ukrainian resistance,” she said, adding that “the UK will continue to supply them with military and economic support.”

She pointed out that Putin made a strategic blunder by launching the military assault against Ukraine since the sanctions imposed by Western countries are strong enough to damage the Russian economy, saying this could well "be the end of Putin."

She also added that if Putin was not stopped in Ukraine, there could be a conflict between Russia and NATO countries.

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"This long-running conflict is about freedom and democracy in Europe," she said. "If we don't stop Putin in Ukraine we are going to see others under threat - the Baltics, Poland, Moldova, and it could end up in a conflict with NATO."

“He should be aware the International Criminal Court is already looking at what is happening in Ukraine,” she added. “There will be serious consequences for him and for the Russian government.”

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