Companies from the future

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Companies from the future

“Legal firm Baker & Hostetler hired a robot-lawyer to work based on artificial intelligence. The robot Ross, developed by IBM on the basis of a Watson computer will head the bankruptcy department. Another team of American developers created an algorithm that can predict the correct decision of the US Supreme Court in 70% of the cases.” Modern legal periodicals are full of similar news. Only the blind cannot see that jurisprudence is facing serious changes. We can confidently say that legal and consulting companies in common understanding will go into oblivion in the near future, as a rudiment of the departing epoch.

So what awaits the legal and consulting market? Hard to say, but it is precisely connected with the digitization of legal and consulting businesses, with innovation and new management models.

The first sign in this field is the appearance of the company Jus Naturale – unusual for this type of activity. Most likely, the idea of the company lies in the name itself, since jus naturale is translated from Latin as an original natural right and ideal natural norms that arise from nature itself and reflect the ideal state of things.

The company is unique as it has no owners, rather the owners of the company are the customers themselves. The owner and founder of the company is an association that consists of customers – users of the services of a law firm. We can say that from the time the client enters the association, Jus Naturale ceases to be an external legal and consulting service. However, the absence of an owner is far from being a single innovation. The company has united not only jurisprudence and consulting, but also advertising and IT. The combination of these four fields enables the company to offer the members of the association new products as an amalgamation and synergy of these lines, so that the members of the association can meet the new challenges of the time; not only to solve the current tasks, but also to constantly modernize, introduce and promote new products.

Such products include comprehensive solutions to increase the margins of activities or fields of concern of members of the association without any initial costs – with payment of services in the form of a percentage of their growth margin.

It is significant that this form of organization enables Jus Naturale to recruit the best specialists in all four business units of the company in order to ensure the highest quality of the services provided.

Finally yet importantly, the organization has a clear ideological and philosophical component. The association, in addition to solving flow problems and business development of the members of the association, has two goals: to improve the investment climate and protect nature as a habitat for business and business development. The common goal that unites the members of the association is a desire to invest their forces and resources in the solution of these problems. Thus, membership in the association itself testifies to the corporate social responsibility of the business and its compliance with new standards. The very membership in the organization increases the capitalization of the business, creates new image advantages for it and the opportunity of constant access to innovations and improvements, as well as co-ownership of a brand that is rapidly gaining capitalization.

The ideas and innovations discussed by the members of the association also require a separate discussion, since they are quite unusual and creative, both from a scientific and practical point of view, especially with regard to the idea of “natural money” and a new fiscal system built on their basis, which, according to the author, promises to give rapid economic growth and solutions for many economic problems.

Sergii Smirnov, Ukrainian global trends analyst and IT expert

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