Former US ambassador predicted Biden-Harris duo on Belgian TV in 2017

Former US ambassador predicted Biden-Harris duo on Belgian TV in 2017
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In October 2017, three years before the official announcement, former US Ambassador Howard Gutman said on Belgian television that he would put his money on the duo Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for the Democratic ticket.

At the start of this week, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that he and Kamala Harris will join forces against Donald Trump in November.

At the table of the Flemish talkshow De Afspraak, which provides background information and opinions about current affairs, Gutman said that he believed Biden and Harris would run together for the next elections.

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After Clinton's defeat, the right flank of the Democratic party lost its chances, as did the left flank with Bernie Sanders, according to him.

As a result, two centre candidates would be put forward to challenge current Republican President Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election on 4 November. "I bought two domain names," Gutman said. "One is called Biden-Harris, the other is called Biden-(Michelle) Obama."

This week, several Belgians reminded the former U.S. ambassador on Facebook of his statement at the time.

"Who was the first network in the world to hear that Biden-Harris would be the likely Democratic ticket? Flemish television station #VRT in Belgium in October of 2017!!" he wrote.

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