Farage attacks Belgium, Michel, Verhofstadt hit back

Farage attacks Belgium, Michel, Verhofstadt hit back

Eurosceptic parliamentarian Nigel Farage on Thursday attacked Charles Michel in the European Parliament in Brussels just after the Belgian prime minister made a pro-European speech there. Claiming no-one dares to speak the truth about Belgium, Farage said: “Belgium is not a nation, it is an artificial creation”.

"The truth is there are two parts of Belgium; they speak different languages; they dislike each other intensely,” he said. “Belgium is not a nation and maybe that’s why you’re happy to sign up to a higher European level.”

He added that Brexit was just the beginning of a process marking the disintegration of the European project, “whose days are numbered”.

Prime Minister Michel responded by thanking the Eurosceptic for his “good advice” about Belgium’s future. "M. Farage sorted out the future of the United Kingdom with Brexit and we see how well that’s ended up today,” he said.

The head of the Liberal group in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt (Open Vld) retorted on Twitter that Farage “will see how real Belgium is when we play England in the World Cup!”

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