“I hope the country will become ungovernable”

“I hope the country will become ungovernable”

"It’s the only way things will really change”, says Herman De Bode, the former cabinet head for Home Affairs minister Jan Jambon (N-VA). He said this when doing an interview with De Tijd. “It would cause short-term problems and cost money. But if we avoid ten years of misery and hassle because of that, a crisis like this is worth it”, says Mr De Bode. 

The former cabinet head and trusted advisor to party President Bart De Wever wants a “closer than ever” confederal model. In his eyes, the country will become ungovernable as Wallonia is again leaning to the left and the MR does not want to be part of a government where it's the only French-speaking party. 

“The only way to avoid these political divisions is a confederal model. It will come sooner than we think. Not because the N-VA will suddenly grab 50% of the votes, but because it’s the only solution that will get us out of this chaos”, he explained. 

When asked about Brussels, he said “I don’t think it’s part of Flanders anymore. It’s been a whole other city for a long time, with a different dynamic, different challenges. The population is spread out differently. Brussels also has to fulfil its role as a European capital”. 

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