'Incoherent' N-VA socio-economic proposals, says Kris Peeters

'Incoherent' N-VA socio-economic proposals, says Kris Peeters

N-VA’s socio-economic proposals were just an "incoherent speech", Vice Premier Kris Peeters (CD&V) told VTM Nieuws on Sunday.

Peeters was sceptical about the organization of sectoral wage consultations and the eventual limitation of unemployment benefits. 

Peeters said he does not comprehend how wage consultation by sector (or enterprise) would resolve certain existing problems. He stressed that a “tax shift” (inter fiscal post shifting) to reduce labour costs had been introduced by the government in recent years. According to him, a sectoral wage consultation might compromise this strategy. 

The Vice Premier also believes that the limitation of unemployment benefits over time will not solve anything. "People will then find themselves on OCMW (social integration income), which will render it even more difficult for them to be reintegrated into the workforce", Peeters explained.

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