Brussels march for climate scheduled Sunday

Brussels march for climate scheduled Sunday

Under the slogan "RIGHT(S) NOW! Walk for climate and social justice ‘tou·te·s’," sympathizers and members of the citizen association Hart Boven Hard will walk together on Sunday from Brussel-Nord to Parc Cinquantenaire. The action will start at 1 pm and end at 4 pm. 'Hart Boven Hard' began in 2014, assembling individuals and organizations from all generations and backgrounds who are worried about a too economic-oriented government. It took roots in Flanders and is growing in Wallonia under the name 'Toute autre chose'. 

"What we ask for is written black on white in the constitution," the organizers said. "Article 23 guarantees the right for all to lead a life consistent with human dignity. This means a healthy environment, decent work, equal rights, affordable health care, a human migration policy and not having to scrimp and save every month to survive." 

This action is organized exactly two weeks before the federal, regional and European elections on 26 May. The demonstrators want future governments to work hard on their priorities. They want to "send a strong signal". 

The priorities embraced by Hart Hard Boven should contribute to the development of a sustainable and inclusive society, according to the association. "No climate policy without social justice, no fight against inequality without an eye on the world," the march’s organizers said. 

"If we do not make ourselves heard, little will change politically. No movement in the streets, no movement on Law Street," can be read on its platform site. 

Hart Boven Hard described Sunday's event on its website as "a great national event in which we demand that the next government take a different direction and also take to heart the rights mentioned in Article 23."

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