Citizen activists banners fly over Namur’s motorways

Citizen activists banners fly over Namur’s motorways

Activist citizens united under #NOTINMYNAME led actions this morning on 8 bridges overlooking E411 and E412. Banners with "No government that leaves people to rot" were displayed.

Yellow vest and life jacket decorations intended to attract citizens’ attention to the social and human misery in which some people are immersed. 

"For months now, migrants have been going through Belgium via the E411 hoping to join the coast and the United Kingdom. Some camps have even been formed along motorways. We are trying to find solutions to the precarity in which these people are left," Esteban, head of the movement, said. 

The movement demands specifically the opening of shelters and of an orientation centre and, in general, more social justice. "The reality of migrants will be ours in 10 years at the rate at which governments impoverish us," he added. 

This action was undertaken with the help of the “yellow jackets”. "They have been contesting for months government measures to make taxpayers assume the cost of energy transition. They took part in the actions denouncing precarity. Not only has the Government remained deaf, but it has even been pursuing its policy," Esteban concluded.

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