Hundreds gather for funeral of murdered Spa-Francorchamps director

Hundreds gather for funeral of murdered Spa-Francorchamps director
Nathalie Maillet. Credit: Belga

Hundreds of people gathered in the Cathédrale Saint Pierre in Malmedy on Saturday morning to pay their last respects to Nathalie Maillet, the director of the Francorchamps racetrack.

Maillet was appointed CEO of the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in June 2016, after growing up on the track as the daughter of a racing driver, immersed in the world of motor racing from an early age.

She herself enrolled in racing school and won her first Fun Cup in 2006, after which she was runner-up during several competitions.

Her husband murdered her on 15 August, along with her new partner Ann-Lawrence Durviaux, and then committed suicide.

Among those present at her funeral were family members and relatives of Maillet, as well as motor sports enthusiasts and sympathisers, according to Nieuwsblad.

The track staff gathered in front of the church building and formed an honour guard with the racing flags in front of the white coffin with a helmet on top, which recalled Maillet's passion for motorsports.

Her racing suit and her number 46 were also present.

The cathedral was full to capacity, but a large screen was set up outside so that the public could view the ceremony.

Maillet’s brother and nephew honoured her in eulogies and Melchior Wathelet, the chairman of the circuit's board of directors, said that “history will live on in her honour.”

After the funeral, a car carried her body for one last lap around the track.

Maillet, who was from Sedan in the north of France by the Belgian border, will have her remains repatriated to her country of origin.

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