Red Devils - “A game not as good as others,” admits Lukaku, double scorer

Red Devils - “A game not as good as others,” admits Lukaku, double scorer

Romelu Lukaku scored the two goals which allowed Belgium to beat Switzerland in the Nations League game on Friday. “It was a difficult match. I think that if you compare it with other games we played, it wasn’t as good,” the center forward admitted.

“The hardest part was the Swiss pressure in the first period. I was often not well placed. I had to close Xhaka’s pass lines. After the break, we followed the coach’s tactics and instructions, which helped.’’ Lukaku said.

"We have players who know how to make the difference at any time,’’ the top scorer in the history of the Red Devils added. Just before his second goal, Lukaku had missed a great chance. “When I missed that opportunity, I thought another one would come very quickly,” Lukaku said with a smile.

The coach Roberto Martinez chose Dries Mertens to speak at the press conference. “We suffered in the first half, and we didn't really know what to do,’’ the winger said. “Everyone thinks that Switzerland is not a good team, but they are very difficult to play. They are very strong tactically, and it is hard to put pressure on them. In the second half, we found a breakthrough. I don’t think it was our best game, but in the end, we won because we wanted to win.”

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