Thousands protest coronavirus lockdown on German streets

Thousands protest coronavirus lockdown on German streets
Riot police (illustration) Credit: PXhere

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of the German city of Leipzig on Saturday to protest against the current coronavirus lockdown measures in Germany.

Several squares in Leipzig were filled with demonstrators demanding the immediate lifting of Germany's current lockdown measures, which they say violate fundamental rights, AFP reports. Restaurants, bars, cafes and also all museums, theatres and sports halls have had to close their doors in Germany since Monday, in a move that has faced strong criticism.

According to the organization, 20,000 demonstrators are expected to attend, but official figures are not known at this time. Police have been on the scene in an attempt to enforce measures, with reports coming in that the majority of people are not wearing a mouth mask or social distancing.

Fears of riots due to counter-demonstrations have not materialised at this time, but police remain alert to the possibility.

The number of corona infections in Germany reached a record high of 23,000 new infections per day on Saturday.

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