Belgian (21) under house arrest in Italy after fatal boat accident

Belgian (21) under house arrest in Italy after fatal boat accident
Lake Como. © Lewis J. Goetz for Unsplash

The Italian court has rejected the request for the release of Clea W. (21), a Belgian tourist who was placed under house arrest in Italy following a fatal boat accident on Lake Como in June.

On 25 June, Clea W. was at the helm of a speedboat carrying 11 other Belgian tourists on Lake Como when it collided with a smaller boat, occupied by three Italian friends who were sunbathing on the deck.

One of them, Luca Fusi (22), was hit while the Belgian boat went over the Italian one and did not survive the accident, while the two others escaped with slight injuries.

The Italian court opened an investigation for involuntary manslaughter and shipwreck in June, while Clea was placed under house arrest in her parents' holiday home.

In the meantime, Clea's lawyers submitted a request for release, but the Italian court has now rejected it, according to reports by the local Italian newspaper La Provincia di Como.

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At the time, Como prosecutor Antonia Pavan stated that the charges were a formality while the investigation continues, intended only to ensure that she did not flee the jurisdiction.

The investigation is now in its final stage and a decision on whether she will have to appear in court will be made, according to the local paper.

So far, the investigation has been able to rule out alcohol as well as excessive speed, although the fact the Belgian boat leapt over the Italian one might suggest it was travelling at high speed.

During questioning, Clea said she had not seen the stationary boat she hit.

Additionally, the Italian press noted that it concerns a house arrest "with a golden edge," as the Belgian tourist is held in Lenno along Lake Como, in a villa designed by the renowned architect and designer Ico Parisi.

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