Belgians in Syria – 3 to 15 years requested for 4 alleged fighters from Vilvoorde

Three to fifteen years’ imprisonment was requested at the criminal court in Brussels on Friday for the 4 youths from Vilvoorde and Machelen, accused of acts of terrorism. Three of the suspects went to Syria to join a Jabhat al-Nosra brigade in March 2013. The 3 suspects present at the court will be heard next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The federal prosecutor requested the heaviest sentence (15 years’ imprisonment) against Mohammed Sadik Cherabi. Sadik Cherabi went twice to Syria and also sent or helped 16 others to get there. He stayed in touch with his recruiters and with members of the Verviers terrorist cell, which was dismantled in January 2015, following his return from his second trip in February 2014.

Mohamed Aquichouh left for Syria with Sadik Cherabi and a third suspect, Annas Koundi, in March 2013. He only stayed in Syria until the end of April but while there he allegedly sequestered and tortured Jejoen Bontinck, who was also sentenced for terrorism acts. The federal prosecutor requested 8 years for Aquichouh and 5 for Annas Koundi.

Lastly, 3 years’ imprisonment was requested for the last suspect, Zouheir B. He and Sadik Cherabi bought a 4WD vehicle to travel to Syria. In the end Sadik Cherabi set off on his own since at the time, Zouheir B. was in prison due to another case.

(Source: Belga)

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