German 'crossbow murders': 5 bodies found

German 'crossbow murders': 5 bodies found

After three bodies were found riddled with arrows from a crossbow on Saturday in Bavaria, Germany, two more bodies connected to the murders have turned up. Three people, a man and two women, were found dead, riddled with arrows from a crossbow, on Saturday in Bavaria, Germany in a holiday home. The man was in his fifties with a long white beard, the women were both around 30. The body of the man and one of the women were found on the bed, holding hands, hit by several arrows in the head and the chest. The other woman is on the floor, hit in the neck, reported Het Nieuwsblad.

"So far, everything points to murder on request. We do not think a fourth person is involved," the investigators said according to Het Nieuwsblad. "The woman on the floor probably first shot the couple and then herself. We have found three crossbows and two testaments in the room," they added.

The three victims have meanwhile been identified. The research showed that all three shared a fascination for the Middle Ages. The male victim ran a shop selling medieval weapons, he organised sword fights and engaged in alchemy. Just like the two women, he was also a member of several associations that organise medieval tournaments and jousting games.

One of them is the International Jousting League, founded by the Belgian Frederic Piraux. "I have heard the news through the media, but I have never seen them," he responded according to Het Nieuwsblad. "They had joined online, but never appeared at the tournaments. Even though I did not know them, this is very sad news," he said.

On Monday, two more bodies that could be linked to the murders were found in Bavaria. One victim was the girlfriend of one of the women who were found on Saturday, the second was a 19-year-old girl who lived with the two.

The bodies showed no signs of violence and no crossbows or other weapons were found. An autopsy will have to reveal the cause of death, but here suicide is assumed as well. Both women had been dead for several days, reported Het Nieuwsblad.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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