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Achieve your dreams at the International School of Belgium

Achieve your dreams at the International School of Belgium

Looking for a world class international education for your children, then look no further than the International School of Belgium (ISBe).

Open to expat and Belgian students from ages 3 to 18, our mission statement of Dream, Achieve, Celebrate and Unite guides all that we do.

We are proud that our holistic approach enables ISBe students to achieve top academic grades and develop into compassionate global citizens.

In these uncertain economic times, a quality education is more important than ever and ISBe provides this while also keeping its fees affordable.

World Class Programmes

Our main language of instruction is English but students also have compulsory Dutch and French classes to reflect our host country’s languages and culture.

We follow three world renowned programmes, chosen for their academic quality, their emphasis on inquiry based learning, and forward thinking approach to learning.

In Primary School, we follow the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which focuses not only on Academics, but also on Personal and International Learning in order to equip our children for the ever changing world of the future.

These personal goals underpin the individual qualities and dispositions we believe children will find essential in the 21st century. There are 8 IPC Personal Goals – respectful, resilient, ethical, communicator, empathetic, a thinker, collaborator, and adaptable. Opportunities to experience and practice these are built into the learning tasks within each unit of work.

In Secondary School, we follow two internationally renowned programmes with students sitting for Cambridge IGCSE’s in Class 10 and then continuing to the IB Diploma Programme for their last two years of High School.

The IB Diploma Programme gives the very best academic preparation for university. Universally recognised for excellence, it strikes the right balance between content, independent study, internal and external assessment. The student experience is enriched by the IB Creativity, Action, Service programme (CAS), the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and global student exchange opportunities.

We also have a university and careers counsellor who guides students in their higher education choices, helping them build a path to their desired future. Our students have entered some of the world's top Universities, including Oxford, UCL, NYU, and Leuven.

Creative Online Learning 

Our students and teachers have embraced the challenges caused by school closures due to Covid-19. Since March we have continued offering a full teaching programme albeit online. Our students follow a normal school schedule with video lessons delivered by their teachers with work assigned and assessed through apps such as Google classroom, Seesaw, Zoom and Google Meets.

The teachers have kept the lessons creative and engaging for students and their passion for teaching and the students have kept everyone’s spirits high.

A recent survey sent to parents showed an overwhelmingly positive response to ISBe’s online learning programme.

Family time and creative pursuits are also important and we have initiated Digital Detox on Wednesday afternoons, where students are discouraged from assessing digital devices and encouraged to do sport, craft and creative pursuits, preferably outdoors.

As part of this our dedicated PE teachers created our very own ISBe Lockdown Gym.

From Class 3 and above our students have their own Google Chromebook school devices.

Outside of the Classroom

Students are provided with multiple opportunities for off-site learning and can participate in various day excursions to reinforce their on-site program, residential trips to build teamwork and group dynamics, school exchanges, as well as an annual ski trip.

In sport and the arts, we regularly compete with other schools in sports such as football, basketball, swimming and badminton. There is also a Drama club with an annual theatre based production, an annual art exhibition and a school band.

Opportunities for leadership come through the House System and the Student Council. Our Student Council is elected by their peers and plans events for the school and is open to students from 9 years old. There are also opportunities to be House Captains, join the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and lead debating teams in the Model United Nations.

Community In Action

Good schools are much more than academic results and are places which put community at the heart of what they do. One part of this Community is Service and this is an integral part of our school programme. Compassion for others and helping those in need is an integral part of our school mission.

Projects our students have participated in, include visiting a seniors home to sing Christmas carols, donating food to Food Banks in Antwerp, helping impoverished villages in Kenya and cleaning trash from the beaches in Belgium. These projects are all student led and involve creative fundraising activities or direct action.

The other aspect to Community is creating a school which everyone feels welcome and is invested in its success and well-being. For the parents we hold regular Coffee Morning info sessions and an Open Day where parents can observe classes in action. We also have a very active Parent Association who have regular meetings with the Head of School and also help organise events such as International Day, Open Day and our Christmas Market.

Location and transport

As our school name suggests, we serve Belgium and not only one city. We are located in Aartselaar and can provide a daily supervised bus service for students from Brussels, Mechelen and Antwerp to and from school. We also have students joining us from other cities across Belgium and from the Netherlands.

For more information please, send us an email to or visit our website.

Wayne Johnson

Head Of School

International School Of Belgium

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