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Location, location, location: why studying Economic Policy in the heart of Europe will benefit your career

Location, location, location: why studying Economic Policy in the heart of Europe will benefit your career

In real estate, it is all about location. But does this also apply when choosing a university to study at? As it turns out, it really does. In this article, we’ll discuss why studying Economic Policy at the University of Antwerp is a very strategic move, if you have an interest in becoming an expert in a wide range of economic issues faced by policymakers.

Obtaining a Master in Economic Policy at the University of Antwerp will benefit you both on a personal and professional level.  Not only will you obtain a degree with a high international value, you also get to expand your global network, experience new perspectives, communicate in other languages,… And in today’s interconnected world, employers are looking to hire people who possess those exact skills.

Whether you want to become a future manager, entrepreneur or policy-maker, these skills will make you more competitive in the job market, and will transform you into a responsible, global-minded citizen. Whatever your goals, an international study should be part of your education.

But why Antwerp?

As a student in Antwerp, you find yourself in the only Belgian city that made it onto the Financial Times’s list of most innovative business cities in Europe. In 2021, Antwerp was selected by the Financial Times as one of the top 10 growth cities in the world for economic potential. And for good reason.

In his classes, Prof. Koen Vandenbempt, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics teaches students how they can benefit from studying in a global metropolis. “As a university, we are lucky to be located near the second biggest port in Europe, a large oil and chemical cluster, the worlds’ leading diamond trade center and just 45 min away from Brussels, the heart of the European Union and the NATO. Being this close to important business hubs gives our graduates a unique advantage in the job market.”

Economic Policy in the heart of Europe

This advantage applies even more so if you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in Economic Policy. This unique programme allows you to gain a better understanding of the background decision-making at policy level. It enables you to learn what economic policies are required to deal with societal challenges from technological advances, globalization, climate change, global imbalances, and financial and economic crises.

You can tailor the programme according to your own interests by choosing one of two modules: Macroeconomic Policy and Financial Markets, which focuses on monetary policy, public finance, financial regulation, and financial economics; or Public Policy, which focuses on public policies in, for example, labor, environment, health, inequality, and education, emphasizing both efficiency and equity.

By the time you finish the programme, you have acquired the expertise necessary to deal with a wide range of economic problems faced by policymakers.

And this expertise goes far beyond just the theoretical. During your studies you have ample possibilities to get in touch with the professional world through guest lectures, corporate visits, a career development track and job fairs. But most importantly, our university’s strategic location, only 45 min from Brussels, gives you direct access to several of Europe’s biggest institutions like the European Parliament, the European Commission, NATO, etc.

Those who have gone before you

As part of our international classroom, you will be shaped into a global student and citizen. Over the past few years, we have had graduates from 21 different countries such as Vietnam, China, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Cameroon, Canada, Costa Rica, etc. Our alumni work in 11 countries all over the world. Almost 90% found a job within 6 months after graduation. This also reflects in our University’s 155th rank in the Times Higher Global University Employability Ranking 2020.

With an Economic Policy degree, you are prepared for positions which require you to analyse aspects of economic policy and to guide and influence economic policy decision-making. You can become a consultant, economist, project manager… and work for organisations like the European Union, KPMG, Greenpeace and The World Bank. Or, you can even found your own company or become a researcher at a top university.

As Kathleen, one of our alumna from the United States stated: “During my job-search process I felt confident in my degree as employers in the region were familiar with UAntwerp and the caliber of education in the master’s programs. My research experience here served as a record of success that opened doors for high-level job opportunities.”

In conclusion

No matter where you choose to study, there’s no doubt you will benefit from obtaining an international degree and stepping outside your comfort zone. But when you’re thinking about where you want to study, try to look even further and determine your career goals. Because the location where you decide to study, might just be the biggest stepping stone towards your future.

Want to know more?

The Master of Applied Economic Sciences: Economic Policy is a one-year, full time programme taught at the University of Antwerp. To be eligible, you should hold an academic Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Economic Policy or equivalent. Students should provide evidence of an intermediate competence in microeconomics and macroeconomics and proof of a background in introductory econometrics.

Keep in mind the application deadlines for the academic year 2021 – 2022

  • Students from within the European Economic Area: 15 May 2021
  • Students from Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg: 1 October 2021

More information on the admission requirements, procedures and deadlines is available on our website.

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