Pharmacists in Wallonia will help people make vaccination appointments

Pharmacists in Wallonia will help people make vaccination appointments
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Pharmacists in Wallonia will be able to help citizens who have difficulty making an appointment to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, Walloon Health Minister Christie Morreale announced Tuesday.

This comes as a result of agreement between the Association of Belgian Pharmacists (APB), the Office of Cooperative Pharmacies of Belgium (Ophaco) and the Association of Pharmacists' Unions (AUP).

Pharmacists are already able to help people make vaccination appointments in Brussels, which is believed to be an important part of the vaccination strategy when it comes to reaching as many people as possible, especially those affected by the digital divide.

The staff of some 1,800 Walloon pharmacies will now also be able do the same: assisting patients who have received a summons to register, informing them of the ‘Re Vax 65+’ operation currently underway in the region to encourage vaccination of the elderly, and guiding the population in their procedures and requests for additional information.

Posters will be displayed at the entrance of participating pharmacies.

In Wallonia, people aged 65 and over have all received their vaccination invitation and the sending of invitations for people considered eligible for vaccination because of health conditions is currently being finalised, Minister Morreale said.

On Monday, Morreale said that 40% of Walloons over the age of 18 had received a first injection of the vaccine.

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