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European Parliament – Safe Outdoor Activities

European Parliament – Safe Outdoor Activities
Credit: European Parliament

There is much more to the European Quarter than what meets the eye and the best (and safest) way to experience the European institutions, the quarter’s green spaces, art, history and architectural gems is on foot. With that in mind, the European Parliament has launched a series of free walking tours every Sunday, while you can enjoy a safe outdoor activity in Brussels.

Get ready to discover some of Brussels best-kept secrets on this 90-minute guided tour, which takes place every weekend during spring and summer. The tours are available in English, French, Dutch and German and should be booked online in advance. You can meet your guide at Station Europe, with the tour ending in the historic Leopold Park. From here, you can continue your journey through the Leopold Quarter, or simply stop and enjoy the view.

Along the way, hear the stories of the people who gave their names to the buildings – who were Altiero Spinelli, Clara Campoamor, József Antall, Simone Veil and how did they shape the Europe we know today? Learn about the history of the European project and how Brussels became its beating heart. Discover how European institutions have shaped the urban landscape of the city as you explore the European Quarter.

Citizens Garden. Credit: EP

Why not take a moment to immerse yourself in the peaceful sounds of free classical music with the Citizens’ Gardens Concerts, until September 2021, Monday to Friday, in the Citizens’ Garden. You will be able to find a different musician or ensemble to serenade your lunch break.

The line-up includes virtuosos such as the Avanesyan brothers, Mischa Maisky, or rising talents such as Elen Shahinans, a 16-year-old Belgian-Armenian. The programme features an eclectic mix of styles, from classical to opera, jazz and world, so there is something for everybody to enjoy.

Other new activities at the European Parliament include an exhibition space at The House Of European History.

Europe Now is a new permanent exhibition space at the House of European History, which is located on the sixth floor of the museum. It looks at the many challenges facing Europe today, including climate change, its colonial legacy, Brexit and Covid-19.

Interact, participate and reflect and even get a few of your questions answered, such as:

“What binds us as Europeans?”

“What does Europe represent today?”

“What challenges do we face and are we able to meet?”

This new exhibition is divided into six major themes: The Great Issues of Our Time I & II, On the Trail of My Europe, The Vortex of History, Europe Seen From the Sky and Listening to Europe.

The Parlamentarium, Europe’s largest parliamentary visitors centre, has also reopened recently and it currently welcomes visitors from Friday to Sunday.

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