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Tour Of Flanders: A Tale of Many Cities

Tour Of Flanders: A Tale of Many Cities

You must try to visit the low countries, an English-language website which provides all the necessary information about arts, history, language, literature and societal developments in Flanders and the Netherlands. This website is uniquely different, as it’s not just about news stories, but it delivers real in-depth articles of high-quality content.

the low countries is a website of the Flemish-Dutch cultural institution Ons Erfdeel vzw and its main goal is to build bridges between the English-language speakers (or people that understand English) around the world, and for everyone with a keen interest in the culture of the Low Countries.

The statue of Ambiorix on the main square of Tongeren © Toerisme Tongeren

Many expats and tourists in Belgium are already familiar with the famous art cities such as Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent, but not so familiar with many of the smaller towns and cities, as these are also definitely worth a visit.

That’s why the low countries have just launched a new series called “Tour of Flanders” containing 15 portraits of cities that are not as famous as the big cities. The series has just been launched with a profile on Lier and will run until March 2023, focusing on a different city portrait each month.

Read through the eyes of an open-minder observer and a Scotsman who has lived in Brussels for many years and has become known as the author of many history and cultural guides, Derek Blyth. Of course, Derek also writes a regular “Hidden Secrets” column for The Brussels Times.

The Broeltorens along the River Lys © Kattoo Hillewaere

The main aim of the “Tour of Flanders” is to draw attention to the beauty of the smaller towns, stimulate tourism and help strengthen the international reputation of Flanders as a centre of culture and heritage among foreign cultural tourists and expats living here in Belgium.

All of these small towns and cities have their own unique story to tell, such as First World War at Ypres, reception of psychiatric patients at Geel, quirky carnival at Aalst, world-famous tapestries at Oudenaarde and Roman traces in Tongeren.

You can find out more about the series “Tour of Flanders” on their website or view the video below.

The series is supported by the Flemish Government.



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