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What to do after your doctor appointment?

What to do after your doctor appointment?

Have you recently been to the doctor? Chances are that your doctor has handed you a receipt after your appointment. If you are wondering what to do with it, keep reading!

Paper or eAttest receipt?

The receipt you have received is called an attestation of medical service. It simply states that you went to a medical provider who is registered with the INAMI (National Institute for Health Insurance). It should include the amount paid for the appointment and the type of service delivered.

Since February 2018, general practitioners can edit these attestations electronically. All the data is encoded on a digital platform. Afterwards you will receive the receipt with an identification number and details regarding the service. Keep this receipt, as it will allow you to track online the processing of your eAttest. Not all doctors are using this method though, so take the time to check whether you have received a traditional receipt or an eAttest receipt.

For the time being, the eAttest system only works with general practitioners, specialists only emit paper receipts.

I have received a paper receipt

In order to get reimbursed for your medical appointment, please send the original document to your health insurance provider with an identification sticker. Your document will be processed and the reimbursement will be transferred to your account. Partena Business & Expats can help you with all your health insurance questions and procedures. For more details, visit the Partena B&E website.

I have received an eAttest receipt

If so, things could not get any easier! The data is sent electronically to your health insurance provider, who then proceeds to the reimbursement. No further action is required from your side!

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