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Accelerate your career with United Business Institutes: BA (Hons.) Business Studies and Master of Business Administration programmes

Accelerate your career with United Business Institutes: BA (Hons.) Business Studies and Master of Business Administration programmes

United Business Institutes is accepting applications for our Bachelor (Hons.) Business Studies programme and Master of Business Administration programme.

Join us at our downtown Brussels campus on Saturday, 7 September 2019 for our Open Day to find out more about our programmes.

United Business Institutes was co-founded by Mr. Lucien van Dievoet and Mr. Francois d’Anethan in 1992, with the vision of preparing innovative leaders with a passion for excellence, thus bringing them closer to the international business world. Since starting the first campus in Brussels, UBI has expanded to Luxembourg in 2013 and Shanghai, China in 2018.

A globally recognised UK degree in Brussels, the Heart of Europe

Our programmes are offered in collaboration with Middlesex University London, rated as one of the top business schools in London. The overall purpose of our programmes is to develop professionals who can manage ethically, sensitively and holistically in a range of organisations in an increasingly global and rapidly changing environment.

Our curriculum addresses emerging needs of the 21st century

UBI’s curriculum not only follows the current megatrends to bridge the gap between industry and education but predicts the future needs of the 21st century. Automation and AI will change the skills needed in the business world. Therefore, our advanced business programme chose to concentrate on digitalisation, sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation. Our strategic positioning in China’s business hub gives UBI students an extra edge to connect business opportunities between Europe and Asia.

Located in the heart of Europe we provide our students an opportunity to immerse into the affairs of the European Union, European Parliament and other European institutions by offering them possibilities of visiting the institutions as part of the program. Our students also have a chance to visit HQ of international organisations as part of their studies. The trip to China brings a culmination to the international edge of our programme.

Internships and Professional Seminars

We partner with local and overseas institutions in providing our students internship programmes that mirror the actual challenges of the business world. To ease your transition into professional or entrepreneurial life, we engage external partners to provide seminars and workshops that go beyond what is typically taught in business textbooks. A holistic education, we believe, is one that best equips our students with practical life skills.

As a graduate of UBI’s specialised programmes, you will learn how to:     

-  Synthesise knowledge from multiple disciplines and apply them effectively in different business contexts.

-  Recognise the potential of changes and technological trends within organisations and seize new opportunities for business innovation.

-  Analyse complex situations and apply the tools of modern strategic management for successful decision-making.

-  Reflect, evaluate and critique business trends and developments in order to make significant breakthroughs in  both theory and practice.

We welcome you to join our community of students, faculty and alumni who are shaping the future of business. Register for UBI’s Open Day 2019.

Date & Time:   Saturday, 7 September 2019, drop-in from 14:00 - 17:00

Address:           Rue de Namur 48, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium

Dress Code:     Casual / Business Casual

RSVP:                Registration Form

Contact Us:      +32 (0)2 548 04 80,

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