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Back to school: Tips for a smooth transition from holiday

Back to school: Tips for a smooth transition from holiday

The time is almost here for children to go back to school. Are you ready? Christine Cornet, Academy manager at Aspria Royal La Rasante, shares six practical tips to ease the transition from holiday to school time

In summer, just like you, your children need a proper holiday to recharge their batteries. But after this well-earned summer break, it can be hard to get them back into the school routine.

Here are some tips to prepare the whole family for a smooth start.

1 - Holiday ‘maintenance’

While it’s best not to overload your child with work, the summer offers an opportunity to turn theoretical knowledge learned in school into reality. For example, help your child understand the beauty of nature by exploring the flora and fauna of the coast.

If you stay in the city, Aspria offers summer courses that allow children to continue the activities they enjoy during the year. Many are open to non-members.

2 - Everything in moderation

If summer is an opportunity to spoil your child a little, nevertheless try to maintain a balanced diet as far as possible. Avoid excess sugar (ice cream every day and so on) and encourage them to enjoy local, seasonal fruit and vegetables instead. This will help make the contrast between holidays and school time less marked, and the transition less stressful.

3 - Talk it through

As the ‘back to school’ date approaches, don’t underestimate the anxiety this temporary unsettling of their routine can cause your child.

Prepare them psychologically, asking open-ended questions that allow them to express their concerns. Try to understand the reasons for their fears and reassure them as strongly as possible. Answer their concerns in simple words.

Emphasise the positive aspects of going back to school – for example, the opportunity to be among their friends again – and show your child how proud you are of the fact they are growing and progressing through school.

4 - It’s a family affair

Take time to familiarise your child in advance with the environment in which they will find themselves. Regularly make small, positive comments about the school: the new class, canteen, activities they will be doing. And involve them in the preparations. For example, plan a family outing to purchase the items – schoolbag, shoes, stationery – they will need.

Back-to-school can cause parental anxiety too, which can create additional stress in your child. Do everything you can to feel in control of the situation. For example, read a book about the school year and what will be expected of your child.

5 - Restore regular sleep

Many teachers witness high levels of fatigue among their pupils at the beginning of September. Avoid this by reducing your child’s naps during the week before the start of school, to restore their normal sleep pattern.

6 - Be ready on D-Day!

On the first day of the school year, get up early to avoid possible delays – there’s no point creating an unnecessary sense of emergency, as this adds further stress to the day.

Has your child had a relaxing summer? That’s great, but with physical activity proven to positively impact academic performance, it’s important to get them moving again – and Aspria can do so in a way they’ll love. Find out more here

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