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'A Log on Life' documents Tianjin medical team in Africa

'A Log on Life' documents Tianjin medical team in Africa

Tianjin’s medical team to Africa has a history of up to 56 years and was the country’s first medical team assisting African countries with leading medical services to the needy and those at the grassroots level of society.

The Tianjin local news app portal "Jinyun" covered the experience of the 20th Tianjin medical aid team, composed of 26 doctors from 16 hospitals, to Gabon during their 13-month service there beginning from July 27, 2018.

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The doctors have treated 83,804 patients, completed 2,162 surgical operations, and helped provide relief to many suffering from severe diseases for a number of years.

The video titled "A Log on Life" is a true record of their daily work, and also the record of their faith in and respect for life. Medicine is not restricted by national boundaries, and doctors share a common sympathy for patients.

The medical team has won the respect and love from the people of Gabon for their selfless dedication.

By: JinYun

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