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    Polluted eggs: Chickfriend managers remain isolated

    © Belga
    © Belga

    The two managers of the Dutch company Chickfriend detained in connection with the pollution of eggs with the pesticide Fipronil will continue to be held in isolation, following a decision issued on Friday by the court of Zwolle, in the Netherlands. Remanded into custody on the 10th of August, Martin van de B. (31) and Mathijs IJ (24) are not allowed to be in contact with the outside world. They may only speak with their lawyers.

    Their attorneys petitioned the court to lift their isolation, which had been requested by the Office of the Public Prosecutor. The court in Zwolle examined the appeal in chambers on Thursday afternoon and, on Friday, the judge announced that it was not necessary to suspend the measure.

    The two men are suspected of endangering public health by delivering the insecticide or applying it in egg farms. Their lawyers have not been able to obtain the results of the investigation from the Office of the Public Prosecutor. They say their clients know what they are accused of, but have no idea what that is based on.

    The court will rule next week on the preventive detention of the suspects.

    Maria Novak

    The Brussels Times