Women’s cinema will be honored at La Botanique on September 25th -28th
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    Women’s cinema will be honored at La Botanique on September 25th -28th

    The seventh edition of the Woman’s Film Festival, dedicated to “women’s cinema”, will be held from September 25th to the 28th at La Botanique in Brussels. A total of 51 feature and short films by 30 directors from the four corners of the world will be presented.
    The film “Kajarya” a journey to the heart of rural India, by Madhureeta Anand, will open the festival on Thursday at 7:00 PM.
    A series of Belgian productions will be included in the program, demonstrating “the enthusiasm and creative dynamic” of women across the country. The audience will discover, among other films “Evelyne Axelle: The Plastic Venus “, devoted to the Belgian artist who was  a student of Magritte or “The Fourth Wall,” by Marie-Françoise Plissart on the renovation of  the Theatre of Liege. The director will also host a masterclass for professionals and moviegoers on September 26th, under the theme “Photography and film, narration and expression in the same approach”.

    Moroccan filmmakers trained at the School of Visual Arts in Marrakech will also be honored at the event, with a session of short films such as “Zahra”  by Houda Lakhdar, about “an ordinary  housewife who dreams of leaving her life behind “or” How I Killed My Father, ” by Sofia Aissaoui.

    Chinese and Latin American films will complete this world tour of women’s cinema, with films sometimes denouncing global issues. “The rice bomber,” by Cho-Li, targets “the abandonment of the agricultural sector by governments of all persuasions.”
    A “Cinégalité” award will be presented by the Council of Francophone women in Belgium (CFFB) and SABAM, rewarding a student film  which addresses”the issue of gender relations in a novel and non-stereotypical  perspective”.
    Many filmmakers will be present at La Botanique. The full program is available online at www.ellestournent.be site.

    Maria Nowak (Source: Belga)