Original cover for Tintin’s “Shooting Star” goes on sale in Brussels
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    Original cover for Tintin’s “Shooting Star” goes on sale in Brussels

    The original cover of the “The Shooting Star”, the tenth adventure for Tintin and Snowy, signed by Hergé in 1942, will go on sale from Saturday onwards at Brussels’ Brafa, one of the most prestigious fine art and antiques fairs in Europe, confirming the increasing popularity of the comic on the art market. “25 years ago, if you went to see a comic author like Tardi to buy a board, he’d look at you gone out and ask ‘what are you interested in that for?’“  says Alain Huberty, co-founder of the Petits Papiers-Huberty-Breyne gallery in Brussels, whose stand is entirely dedicated to authors of the “ninth art”.

    The cover of “The Shooting Star” is one of Hergé’s five original Tintin covers currently in the hands of private collectors instead of being owned by the foundation which has been managing the work of the Belgian illustrator since his death in 1983, he adds.

    In May 2014, a double-page spread draw in Indian ink by Hergé and destined to be the endpapers for Tintin albums published between 1937 and 1958, sold for 2.65 million euros 65 million at an auction organised in Paris by auction house house Artcurial. The illustration showed the famous reporter and his dog Snowy in 34 different situations and its hammer price established the new world record for a comic illustration.

    The comic bug has also hit the United States, where the work of comics illustrators is highly sought after by collectors, not the case for Japanese manga illustrators.

    The Brafa is to take place in Brussels from January 24th to February 1st.

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)