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    The “Walloon days of the Water” start on Saturday


    Several hundred free activities will be offered all over Wallonia from Saturday until the 29th of March, as part of the “Walloon days of the Water”. During these two weeks, the “River Contracts” will bring together all the residents of the same stretch of water and users of the same water course. It will allow people to discover the “multiple aspects” of the Walloon aquatic heritage, through walks, conferences, or visiting infrastructures (cleaning stations, locks, etc), says the Walloon Environment minister Carlo Di Antonio. Around 400 free activities will be on offer, 130 of which will be organised specifically for schools.

    There are “numerous and varied”, risks to the water resources in Wallonia, says Mr Di Antonio in a press release. This is why it’s important to “inform young people and not so young people about the fragile balance of our aquatic areas; so they will want to know them better and act to protect them”.

    The creation of 13 “River Contracts” in Wallonia, which will manage water courses, has created a large civil movement and allowed “the social reappropriation of the river”, says René Collin, Walloon minister for Rural areas.

    The Walloon days of the Water take place every year during the last two weeks of March. The activities offered are listed on the site

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)