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    The “Van Gogh in Borinage” exhibition got 180,000 visitors


    The “Van Gogh in Borinage” exhibition attracted more than 180,000 visitors, the Mons mayor’s cabinet said in a press release on Sunday. Elio Di Rupo said he was thrilled “by the exhibition’s extraordinary success. The exhibition, held at the BAM, will close on Sunday, after nearly three months.” The Mons mayor said the town of Mons “had helped to clarify an important part of Art’s history. Specifically that Van Gogh’s artistic beginnings were in Belgium, in particular Mons and Borinage”.

    Elio Di Rupo also said that all the people who worked for the town’s Museum Department, visitMons and 2015 Mons Foundation contributed to the exhibition’s success.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)