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    The Banksy exhibition will open in Antwerp in January


    “The Art of Banksy” exhibition will open in Antwerp on the 13th of January, it was announced on Saturday. The exact location has not yet been revealed, in accordance with the mystery surrounding the world famous British graffiti artist.

    Banksy is an active Human rights activist, as shown when he covered a dividing wall between Palestine and Israel in frescos. His identity – some think he is actually a group of artists – remains a secret, even though his work is some of the best known in the world.

    “The Art of Banksy” exhibition will be in Amsterdam until the 8th of January. Dozens of pieces are available to look at. It will open in Antwerp on the 14th of January, according to communications representative Debby Wilmsen. She didn’t give the exact location.

    Red balloons will be released in Antwerp on Sunday to celebrate the exhibition. This is a reference to his most famous piece: a black and white image of a little girl holding a red balloon. Banksy redrew this image in support of the victims of the Syrian conflict, a project with  Amnesty International.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)