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    “Constructive” meeting between Bozar management and unions

    © Belga
    © Belga

    President of the Bozar Board of Directors Etienne Davignon and the parity commission met Wednesday with staff representatives of the cultural institution following the filing in May of a no-confidence vote against its CEO and Operating Manager. Both management and unions qualify this meeting as “constructive.” A new meeting is planned next week.

    “The president did receive the staff grievances well. A new meeting has been planned for next week in order to pursue discussions in all serenity,” indicated Bozar management Thursday in a press release.

    “The meeting proceeded calmly, and Mr. Davignon made several proposals, but we are waiting now for them to be confirmed in the forthcoming meetings. We believe the message struck home,” declared for her part the SLFP Union representative Marie-Isabelle Joris.

    Last 16 May, staff members had filed a no-confidence vote compiled by a common union front against Bozar’s CEO and Artistic Director Paul Dujardin, as well as against the Operating Manager Albert Wastiaux.

    The employees deplore a too heavy work load, with days that regularly reach 11 hours of service. The management is judged as unreceptive and without a clear vision for the future. The recent dismissal of a communication employee, well-liked by his colleagues, also contributed to the degradation of the social climate.

    Sarah Johansson
    The Brussels Times