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    Rest home residents open their doors to Björk fans

    ©Cristiano Del Ricco/Wikimedia
    ©Cristiano Del Ricco/Wikimedia

    Three elderly residents of the Ter Rive rest home in Ghent will next month throw open their windows over the Sint-Pietersplein to enjoy an open-air concert by Björk – together with their ten selected guests. The rest-home rockers were discovered when it was found they were enjoying previous concerts given on the square as part of the Ghent Jazz Festival, explained Bertrand Flamang to the VRT. The three rooms had a perfect vantage point, and he had the idea of turning their free access to good use. The non-profit Enchanté was keen to become a partner, and the rest-home residents even more so.

    The ten lucky applicants pay €74 for a ticket, all of which goes to the non-profit, which works with the homeless. “Of course those who get a ticket for the Golden Circle will enjoy the best view and sound, and enjoying the concert in the company of these elderly people will be able to see the concert in the finest of conditions,” Flamang said.

    The director of the home assured the VRT the three residents with the first-class seats are keen on the initiative. “They each have a large room with a perfect view over the Sint-Pietersplein,” Hilde Lanszweert said. “If the stage is again set up as it was for the Prince concert, they’ll have a great view.”

    Alan Hope
    The Brussels Times