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    Human powered trains? April fools hits the press

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    © Wikipedia

    Some “fishy” news (“April fish” = April fools in French) crept into the pages of French-language newspapers on Monday. Here is a press review of “April fish” spotted by news agency Belga. 

    The mobilization of youth for climate inspired La Libre, which unveiled a “School Climate” comprehensive plan to enter into force on Monday. 

    Among them: it will be forbidden for children who live less than six kilometres from school to travel by car; boilers will be blocked at 15 C°; end-of-class buzzers will be silenced ; soft-drink distributors and all plastic or aluminium packaging will be banned forever. 

    L’Avenir also echoes the climate issue with eight new measures to save the planet. Among them: ban on bonfires and barbecues; establishment of trains propelled by human power; or a better correspondence between working hours and the solar cycle. 

    New technologies and artificial intelligence teased the imagination of Sudpresse. The daily said that as part of a pilot project on the E41, autonomous electric cars will soon be allowed to overtake on hard shoulder emergency lanes. The only condition is not to touch the steering wheel. A collision will always be preferable, so as to improve the software. But do not panic, the cars will be riddled with airbags, Sudpresse said. 

    La Dernière Heure editors concentrated on time changing that might disappear in 2021. They imagined Belgium cut in half, Flanders being for standard winter time, Wallonia preferring solar, or summer time. “An intense lobbying has already started,” the DH said. Surrealistically, it may soon be noon in Liege and 1pm in Antwerp. 

    Le Soir, however, did not publish a traditional fish this year.

    The Brussels Times