Thirty-two year old suspect under arrest for triple homicide in Visé
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    Thirty-two year old suspect under arrest for triple homicide in Visé

    On Tuesday, the Liege courthouse confirmed the arrest of a 32-year old suspect, residing in the Liege district, for the triple homicide that took place on April 18th in Visé killing a couple and a 9-year old child. The suspect denied being involved in the murders but admitted that a business dispute had taken place between himself and the victim.

    Interrogated last June, he gave an alibi for the day of the murders but his alibi was discredited during the investigation which led to his arrest last week.

    The warrant was issued on Monday by the chamber of Liege. Philippe Zevenne, lawyer for the accused, appealed the decision. His client is already known to police. In 2005, he was convicted of carjacking and was sentenced to prison. “There are other names in this case, other paths to explore, however the focus is on my client because he has no alibi,” commented Mr. Zevenne.

    There is no physical evidence or eyewitness linking the suspect to the crime. The murder weapon has also not been found, admitted Valerie Schaaps, spokesperson for the Liège prosecutor.

    On April 18th, 2014,in Visé, an individual broke into the home of bankers Benoit Philippens and Carol Haid, aged 36 and 38 years old, who were accompanied that night by Esteban (9 years old), Carol’s godson. He is reported as saying “So you know me now? Do you remember who I am,” before firing several times.  Carol Haid was able to repeat this phrase to investigators before succumbing to her injuries.

    Lorraine Torry (Source: Belga)