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    Fifteen more mental health patients request to be euthanized

    On Tuesday, De Standaard revealed that ever since the court agreed to hospitalize mental health patient Frank Van Den Bleeken in order to euthanize him, 15 more mental health patients have approached the ULTEAM, a group that specializes in providing counseling on issues relating to death, requesting to be euthanized. For each case, three doctors must determine whether or not these people are victims of unbearable psychological or physical suffering.

    According to Professor Wim Distelmans, the number of such requests is expected to increase.

    Frank Van Den Bleeken, in prison for almost 30 years for several sexual offenses, is the first mental health patient to have his request granted and be admitted to a hospital to be euthanized therefore putting an end to his psychological suffering.

    According to his family, he has also found a doctor willing to fulfill his request. 

    Lorraine Torry (Source: Belga)