Tubize magistrate Pierre Pinte (MR) victim of internet blackmail
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    Tubize magistrate Pierre Pinte (MR) victim of internet blackmail

    On Thursday morning the politician Pierre Pinte, First Magistrate (MR) from Tubize, posted a message on his Facebook wall, explaining that he has been targeted by a fraudster who has set him up in an internet scam of a sexual nature. The Magistrate pointed out to his Facebook friends that a video had been ‘Photoshopped’ and that he was asked to pay for it to be taken off the internet. Pierre Pinte refused to pay, and filed a complaint with the Tubize police early on Thursday morning. He also informed MR officials and the Mayor of Tubize of this scam.

    “Between midnight and 2.00am a blond young woman contacted me, saying her name was Olivia Bellemare and would I ‘like’ her on Facebook? I agreed but then got no response. She got in touch again later to say ‘got you!’ and threatened to post a video online and on the MR Facebook page”, revealed Pierre Pinte during a break from the Tubize police inquiry.

    For the Magistrate the video is a ‘well made’ product Photoshopped from a view of the room he was sitting in. “This is a classic case of blackmail, but professionally done and simply sordid, using disgusting methods. Fortunately I am single and have no children going to school this morning”, added Pierre Pinte.

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)