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    Belgian pensioners declare themselves ‘happy’

    The federal government has decided to raise the legal retirement age to 67, a decision the population is clearly unhappy about. An Enéo survey (Les Mutualités Chrétiennes) questioned nearly 2,500 pensioners, 92% of whom said thy were “satisfied” with their retirement.  So satisfied, in fact, that they wish they had retired on average seven years earlier, reported newspaper Le Soir on Wednesday. The vast majority of people interviewed retired on average at 60, before the legal age of 65. For most, their retirement age was their choice,  57.8% of them deeming it important to have more free time.

    The study also showed that the reasons for retiring can influence how happy people are in actual retirement.  “People who decided to retire to devote more time to their activities and interests claim to be ‘particularly satisfied’.”

    Oscar Schneider (Source: Belga)