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    SNCB freezes rates for 2015


    According to a decision approved by its board of directors, the public company SNCB will not increase its rates in February next year. Newspapers from the Sudpresse group passed on the news last Tuesday.According to its current management contract, any rate increase is linked, in particular, to the company health index, operating costs and punctuality of its services.This year, these elements haven’t been satisfactory enough to warrant a general price increase.In August, only 93% of trains were on time. In the evening rush hour, this percentage went down – only 86.1% arriving on time.

    It was therefore decided no adjustment should be made to tariffs.

    SNCB is currently negotiating its new management contract.In this context, it has asked the supervisory authority for greater leeway regarding its pricing policy. Jo Cornu, SNCB CEO, does not rule out modulating rates according to the time of day, writes Sudpresse.    

    Lars Andersen (Source: Belga)