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    Migrants badly integrated into Belgium, according to the OECD


    The employment rate for foreigners in Belgium is one of the lowest in the Organization of Cooperation and Economic Developments (OECD) and the situation is getting worse. This is mainly due to the unequal school system, Le Soir revealed on Monday. “If we do an international comparison, the employment rate for immigrants in Belgium is among the lowest, and the gap between them and those born in the country is among the highest”, reads a provisionary OECD report about Belgium that was given to the ministers and administrations concerned last week.

    All immigrants are not in the same situation. “The employment rate for immigrants from within the European Union is globally similar to that for those born in Belgium. But the job market for immigrants born outside the EU is much worse, with very high unemployment, especially among women”.

    The OECD is getting ready to make recommendations, among which might be to fight segregation in schools, or minimum quotas for employing immigrants.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)