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    « More guns will dissuade burglars »


    “The more citizens have guns at home, the less burglars will strike”, according to the Open VLD mayor of Gavere (Eastern Flanders) Hugo Leroy, who was quoted in the Het Laastste Nieuws on Thursday. Leroy will soon vote against surveillance cameras in his territory. “It doesn’t work. People have to protect themselves”. Next month, the council of the Scheide-Leie police (Laethem, Saint-Martin, Nazareth, De Pinte, Gavere) will  talk about the installation of cameras on certain roads to improve security. The mayor will oppose it. “There are no staff to look at the images. And thieves are smarter than you think. They generally use another car”.

    According to the mayor, they need to invest in hiring officers to put on the streets. But it doesn’t stop there: “Citizens also need to protect themselves”.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)