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    Health: one Belgian in two gets information off the internet


    The internet is the second source of information on health, after a GP. One in two Belgian patients also checks the internet according to the results of a Solidaris study. “Getting information means you stay in good health”, Le Soir said on Thursday. However, ninety out of a hundred patients say you find a lot of information on there that is “false or manipulative”. Two thirds of patients say their GP is the primary source of reliable information, more than websites, which are popular with half of patients , much more than books or newspapers. But above all, the specialist or pharmacist have the worst scores.

    Three doctors in four questioned said their patients trust information found online too much.

    According to this study, 93% of GPs think that “it’s better that patients are properly informed about their health”.

    Sarah Johansson (Source: Belga)