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    National demonstration: Brussels police were in no way ready


    According to a confidential internal report by the Brussels-Capitale-Ixelles police, the Brussels police were not ready for the National demonstration of the 6th of November. More than 100 000 people took part. The content of the report, referred to in La Dernière Heure on Friday, criticizes the insufficient preparation. This was apparently due to “routine”. The document, dated the 18th of November, points out strategic, technical and tactical errors. It also refers to the lack of coordination, and the lack of individual and collective protection.
    It also mentions serious errors in the evacuation of the wounded.

    The report ends the criticism by saying that the demonstration showed itthat “the operational command of all resources is assured by the chiefs of the Brussel-Capitale-Ixelles police”. And that they “report to the mayor”.

    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)