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    Minister Marghem wants to rationalize the policy on food wastage


    The Minister for Sustainable Development, Marie-Christine Marghem, wants to involve her federal government colleagues in the search for solutions to food wastage and loss. She said this on Tuesday at the closure of the Annual Federal Counsel Forum of Sustainable Development (Forum annuel du Conseil Fédéreal du développement durable), in Brussels. She also wants more coherance and complimentarity in European and Federal policies. The Sustainable Development Minister’s requirements should be laid out more clearly in the Federal Plan for Sustainable Development 2015-2020, currently being prepared.

    During the Forum, diverse and varied participants spoke about food wastage. Representants from the Trade Federation (Fédération du Commerce (Comméos), Test-Achats, the Federation of The Food Industry (Fédération de l’industrie Alimentaire (Fevia) and the National Center of Cooperation in Development (Centre National du coopération au développement (CNCD) spoke of the problem over the day, and of the different initiatives.

    Every year, more than 1,3 billion tons of edible food is thrown away, according to the United Nations for Food and Agriculture (Nations Unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO). In Belgium, that’s 15 kilos of food per person per year.

    Maria Novak (Source: Belga)